Where do cranes live ?

Cranes live on all continents of the planet, except for Antarctica and South America. The genus includes about 10 species and 3 groups:

  • Large representatives, which include Indian, Japanese crane;
  • The average cranes are Siberian Crane and Daurian Crane.
  • Small individuals – belladonna, black and crowned crane.

The smallest of them is the crane-crane. Bred in different regions, this bird has its own individual features. The same parameters are considered to be the beauty of these birds.

Cranes prefer to live in wetlands and near water bodies. In summer they prefer forest swamps, in winter – marshy coastal areas. The Reds have adapted to live in the savannah and steppe zone. When breeding, birds are kept in pairs, migrants are flocked before the migration. They spend the night in groups, they sleep standing, shaking one leg.

Cranes practically do not sit on trees, except for the crowned representative who has a rear grasping finger on his legs, with which he can be restrained on the branches of trees. But the African belladonna feels great in the grassy area, because it is due to the short length of the fingers.

Most of the cranes are adapted to dwell on the water. Adapted to such conditions, these birds have long legs, beak and elongated neck.