Where do crayfish live ?

Where do crayfish live, which are very whimsical to the habitat. The oxygen content in the water should be quite high, about the same as for salmonids. The concentration of oxygen dissolved in water in the warm season should be at least 5 mg / l. Cancers can live in both light and dark water, but they do not tolerate increased acidity of water.

These animals love a stony bottom with a rough terrain, where you can easily hide, or a soft enough bottom where you can dig holes.

On the muddy bottom, in shallow water with an even, clean bottom, as well as a sandy or stony shore, there are no crayfish.

Most often, burrows dug by cancers are on the shore slope and are located on the border of soft and hard ground. The depth of the burrow can be more than 1 m. Usually, the hole of the burrow can be hidden under the rocks, roots of plants, etc. The burrow of the burrow is very narrow – the inhabitant arranges it according to its own size. In such a shelter, cancer can be easily protected from attack by enemies. It is very difficult to get cancer out of the burrow – the animal is held tightly by its walls.

On the habitability of the raucic burrow indicates fresh soil at its entrance. The best sites for their holes are captured, as a rule, by the largest and strongest males. Crayfish juveniles usually keep in shallow water, near the coastline, hiding in the folds of the relief.