Where do crows live ?

Very often children are interested in where the crows live in the winter. After observing these birds, the scientists found out that in the spring and autumn crows make regular flights. In the autumn, they fly to more southern regions, and in the spring they return. So, for example, crows from the suburbs fly to Kharkov or Kiev, and in the suburbs live Arkhangelsk crows. Therefore, the crows that meet in winter in our country are not at all those who originally built their nests here and brought chicks out, but those that flew from places with more severe frosts. However, only young crows make flights. Old in the spring fly away from human habitation, and in winter new crows and jackdaws return and adjoin to the flocks of newcomers.

The life of crows is very interesting and rich, watching them is a pleasure. These birds are found in any forest. In addition, crows are ordinary inhabitants of settlements. You can meet them in small villages, and even in big cities.

The most common is the gray crow. In its size, the crow is larger than a jackdaw or a rook, but, in practice, it is half the size of a crow. The trunk of the gray crow is ashen gray, and the head, wings, tail, beak, legs, the front part of the throat is blue-black. Nests of crows are very similar to rooks. Usually they arrange them in the forks of a tree trunk, but sometimes a crow’s nest can be seen in city parks or gardens. Some crows can nest even on the eaves of tall houses.