Where do cuttlefish live ?

Cuttlefish live on sandy parts of the sea, in the daytime they burrow into the sand; Northern and Mediterranean seas, the Atlantic Ocean.

Cuttlefish belong to the class of cephalopods. About 30 modern species belong to this group. Cuttlefish are the smallest of all cephalopods. In most species, the body length reaches 20 cm, while in small species it is 1.8-2 cm. Only one species, the wide-sepia sepia, has a length of 150 cm along with the “hands”.

Single cuttlefish live alone, very rarely in small flocks, and lead a sedentary lifestyle. During the breeding season, they form large clusters and can make migrations. Usually cuttlefish swim a short distance from the bottom, hunting down prey, seeing it, they freeze for a moment, and then they quickly overtake the victim. When the cuttlefish are in danger, they lie on the bottom, and flaps of fins fill themselves with sand.

These animals are very cautious and fearful. Hunt cuttlefish in the daytime and feed on various fish, shrimps, crabs, mollusks, worms – almost all organisms that move and do not exceed them in size. To increase the effectiveness of hunting, the mollusk blows a stream of water from the siphon into the sand and catches small animals, washed by a stream. Small animals cuttle whole cuttlefish, large – they cut their beak.