Where do deer live ?

You can meet these animals almost everywhere. Deer colonize Eurasia, Australia, New Zealand, and also both American continents. Many of the species are threatened with extinction, so conservationists have tried to settle this animal around the globe.

So, for example, in North America and Canada live tundra caribou, forest caribou, Caribou Grant, Piri and Dawson, and in the tundra part of Eurasia – wild, Finnish, new-earth, Spitzbergen reindeer.

Deer are very unpretentious animals. They can perfectly live both in the plains and in the highlands. Most often they can be found near water bodies (marshes and rivers). Deer can swim perfectly, so in the water they are able to find a lot of food. Deer lead a nomadic way of life, adhering to wooded areas with open grassy clearings. In winter, they go to the forest thickets in places of shallow snow and stray into close piles to protect themselves from frosts. Since the beginning of spring, they prefer to go out to open plain plots. With the onset of summer they leave for mountainous areas.