Where do dingoes live ?

A dingo dog can be found on the territory of Australia. Outwardly it resembles both a wolf and a domestic dog at the same time. The animal is small, about fifty centimeters in the withers, but there are also especially large individuals, mostly males, they can reach seventy centimeters.

Dingos are very beautiful and even lovely, the dogs have a fairly large head and a rounded nose, the ears are wide and erect. The wool of Australian residents is usually a sandy-brown color with a grayish tinge. Rarely are albinos also found, mainly in the southern and eastern parts of the country. Also you can meet dogs and with very dark hair, such individuals appeared from crossing with domestic breeds of dogs, presumably with sheep dogs.

For a long time dingos were the masters of the continent, as well as the nearby islands. We can say that they had neither rivals nor competitors, except, marsupial wolf, Australian possum and tilatsin.

An animal dingo can be safely called a nocturnal animal. These cute dogs live mainly in forests, usually only where there is a dry climate, for example, in eucalyptus thickets or arid deserts, which are located in the interior of the continent. Wild dog dingo – animal predatory, they hunt for birds, reptiles and numerous marsupials living in these parts. Their dwellings are arranged, as a rule, among the roots of huge trees, in pits, or they choose caves for their place of residence.

 In short, for housing, they choose exclusively secluded places, those that are closed from prying eyes, and are inaccessible to people. Dogs live in packs until a certain period of time, until the pups grow up and go into adulthood.