Where do dogs live ?

Opponents of keeping a dog in a city apartment often refer to the fact that it is absolutely impossible to keep a clean room in the presence of this animal. This is a common misconception, which, as always, when it comes to a person, is, first of all, his own reluctance to make certain efforts.

Yes, we recognize that we will have to work hard, but no more than if there was another member of the family in your house. To have a perfectly clean apartment even with a dog is possible. The main thing is not to be lazy! But this animal is not for lazy people at all, remember this before you decide to have a puppy.

Dingo can be found all over Australia. In its appearance, this is something between a wolf and a domestic dog. The height of the animal at the withers is about half a meter, but not uncommon and the individual height of up to 75 centimeters. The dingo has a big heavy head with a blunt nose, erect, broad ears at the base, a fluffy tail.