Where do donkeys live ?

Wild asses have a strong build and good looks. They live in countries with arid climate. They are not very fast, but in some cases they can develop the average speed of the machine.

Their hoofs are adapted to move over uneven and stony surfaces. And the dirty soil of countries with a moist climate contributes to various injuries, the emergence of deep cracks and foci of inflammation on the hooves. Wild asses are herd animals. In Mongolia, they are home to herds, which have an average of about a thousand heads.

Animals donkeys were widely used by people to travel and travel on horseback, transportation of goods on their back and in carriages. However, after the domestication of horses, animals related to donkeys, they became more preferable, because of greater mobility and physical strength, and also the possibility to do without water and food for a long time.

With good care, an industrious donkey is able to work up to 10 hours a day and carry loads on his back, in some cases, much more than his own weight. Known case of keeping donkeys to receive from them milk, meat and the use of skin.