Where do Dormouse live ?

Dormouse is common in broadleaf and mixed forests of Europe and northern Turkey; Is found in southern Sweden and in the south of Great Britain. It is common for Southern Europe; Is absent only in Spain. On the territory of Russia, the eastern part of the area of ​​the hazel dormouse enters. It is stretched by a narrow ribbon from the Baltic region through the upper Dnieper, along the river. Oka to the middle Volga. Also, hazel dormouse is present in the Caucasus and Ciscaucasia. Within the Russian part of the range, hazel dormouse is everywhere rare.

Dormouse lives in deciduous and mixed forests, settling in places with a rich undergrowth and undergrowth of hazel, wild rose, mountain ash, cherry, Kalina and other fruit and berry trees and shrubs, which provides the animals with fodder base (in particular, the alternation of ripening feeds) And good protective conditions. It can be found along forest or country roads, along the fringes of glades, on overgrown felling. In the mountains it rises to 2000 m above sea level. In the Yaroslavl and Vladimir regions, the doves prefer the deciduous forests with the prevalence of lime, ash, and oak. In the Volga region hazel dormouse can also be found in coniferous forests with an abundant admixture of deciduous and broad-leaved species.