Where do ducks live ?

DucksĀ liveĀ  in South America, Australia and New Zealand. Like many birds, some of the ducks are migratory. Thanks to seasonal migration, she was sighted in Greenland, in the coastal part, in Iceland, Great Britain.

Some endemic species of duck mallards are found on the island of Madagascar, Hawaii, in South Africa.

Those individuals that live in the European part of Russia migrate seasonally during the winter, most often to Western Europe. Living in the southern regions of Russia fly to the region of the Caucasus, Turkey and the entire Mediterranean. From the Far East and other eastern borders of Russia duck-mallards seasonally emigrate to Japan, China and Central Asia.

The duck of the mallard is common in Russia, its habitat is wide enough. It also occurs in warm subtropical latitudes, including in North Africa, and in the north. For example, by scientists-ornithologists, their nesting grounds were seen in the region of treeless tundra, on the territory of Russia.