Where do ducks sleep ?

Ducks usually sleep in covered and safe areas, such as marshes and woods. At night domestic ducks need to be transferred to dry houses protected from harmful animals. A strong fence is needed.

Domestic ducks feed easily. If she lives on natural reservoirs, you can give mixed fodder and wheat in equal quantities. If there are no live food and plants in the ponds where the bird lives, a small amount of biscuit flour should be added.

You can add frog eggs, insect larvae, worms, seaweed, lettuce, nuts, seeds, berries, household waste and apples to the stern. Sand and gravel should always be available.

Domestic ducks breed freely in captivity. To bring the birds to the standard, they need to introduce additional proteins into the diet. The possibility of selecting a socket is important. Many waterfowl hatch eggs well, but can not grow chicks. In this case, you can use a hen-hen or incubators. Domestic ducks can be given nests, and they often perfectly lay eggs.

Nesting is needed for breeding birds in order to copy the conditions that they can find in nature. They can be different, and they should be placed in protected, hidden places.