Where do earwigs live ?

Earwigs prefer moist warm places, lifestyle leads, mainly, at night. In food they are not fastidious, eat almost any leaves, fruits and organic remains, and can easily hunt for a suitable size of insects. There are also a number of species that lead a purely predatory and parasitic life, but this is not ours.

The very name “earwig” is already terrifying, and, given that most people are afraid of insects, as such, the presence of the words “ear” and “twirl” in the name is no longer caused simply by horror, but panic horror (this is just imagine …) .

So that’s it. Earwigs are not intended to crawl into someone’s ears. However, no one is insured from detection in the ears of various creep creatures and the risk of this unpleasant event can not be discounted. If you want horror stories, then read the comments here for this article, they freeze blood.