Where do echidnas live ?

Echidna is a unique mammal, representative of the detachment of One-passers. Refers to rare species of animals, found only in Australia, in Tasmania and New Guinea. By external features resembles a hedgehog with a long cylindrical beak. There are only 3 species of this animal:

  • Echidna Australian – lives in Australia and on the island of New Guinea, in Tasmania her Tasmanian subspecies is found;
  • Prohidna Attenborough – dwells on the island of New Guinea;
  • Proehidna Bruyna – New Guinea.

Echidna prefer to settle in dry forests located on mountainous terrain. Daytime they spend in burrows, at night they go out in search of food. The burrows snake itself among the bushes of small shrubs – it succeeds easily, thanks to the large claws with which the paws of the animal are armed.

By their nature, echidna are single, they are found only with each other during mating. Each individual has its own territory, but the boundaries of possessions are shared among neighbors. Because of the secretive way of life, it is almost impossible to observe the animal in nature.