Where do emus live ?

The Emus is the largest bird of the Australian continent. She has undeveloped, very small, pressed wings tightly to the body. If you look at the dimensions, the Australian ostrich is a bit inferior to its African counterpart. Emu is a great sprinter, he runs fast enough. In contrast to the African ostrich, this bird swims beautifully, and loves to do it for fun.

The habitat of the ostriches of Emu is only the islands of Tasmania and Australia. However, now, far beyond the natural habitat on a large scale, the bird is grown on the territory of China, Peru, North America, and in other countries, although not so common.

Scientists have established that earlier the habitat of these ostriches was much wider – from modern Egypt to Morocco, as well as from ancient Persia and Mesopotamia through the Middle East to South Africa.

These birds are actively settling on dry and open biotopes. Such in Australia are herb savannas and shrub thickets. Emu ostriches can also be observed on deserted outskirts, but they do not penetrate deep into the sand. Ostriches lead a fairly settled life, for example, in the west of the continent they make regular seasonal movements: in winter they move closer to the south, and in the summer to the north.