Where do ferrets come from ?

There is a hypothesis according to which the first lovers of domestic ferrets were the Egyptians, and that they said that the icon meaning “ferret” had been found. However, a more detailed examination by Egyptologists revealed that it was just a mongoose.

According to another theory, ferrets were already tamed when first appeared in the Mediterranean. This point of view is more plausible, although it also without special proofs, partially explains the historical documents found and does not contradict the discoveries of modern biology. Greek historical documents begin to mention ferrets from 450 BC. e.

While the Roman describe the hunt for rabbits with ferrets to the beginning of our era. True, these ferrets have already been domesticated.

And finally, the third theory: ferrets were domesticated in the Mediterranean countries either by the Greeks or by the Romans about 2500 years ago. There is no direct evidence either. And the Greek literature can not be relied on, because the word “ferret” the Greeks meant both domestic and wild.