Where do ferrets live ?

The distribution of ferretsĀ  has been obtained in the following geographical areas:

Steppe ferrets in eastern Europe (Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine), Central Asia, on the territory of Russia (from the Ural mountains to the Far East) and in the eastern regions of China.

A forest ferret can be found almost everywhere on the territory of Eurasia, especially to the west of the Ural Mountains.

The central part of North America, namely to the east of the Rocky Mountains, is the place where blackfeet ferrets live.

The wild ferret is an animal of prey, which is expressed in its distinctive features – aggressiveness and courage. They will not be afraid of confrontation with a bigger rival. Fearless to take battle for them – in the order of things.

In addition, the cruel inherent and ruthless to the victim – attacking the bird’s nest, the beast will satisfy its hunger, and then kill every inhabitant. And it’s all about the ferret – a beast, which from the outside can be called very nice.

Ferrets do not form flocks, but keep in touch with the nearest congeners. At the same time, one alpha male dominates in these relations, which is more pronounced both at the usual time and during mating. But each of the individuals has its own territory for living, which they mark by making a regular round.