Where do ferrets live ?

The black ferret does not go far into the forest, but prefers the edges and glades, fields and terrain with not very dense vegetation. Forest, says that most often the animal lives in the forest part of the country. Ferret has a habit of becoming attached to one place, so he leads a sedentary lifestyle. The preferred place to live are natural shelters.

The animal carefully approaches the preparation of the “bedroom”. In the holes of ferrets one can meet both leaves of trees and grass. Most of the day, if the ferret’s diet is rich in meat and food is enough, the animal sleeps. If the feed is small, then the beast travels in search of food for long distances. These animals are loners, in flocks they can be found only in the mating season.

Ferrets are probably one of the most predatory animals of the family of cunies. Species Forest ferrets inhabit practically the entire European part of Russia, except the Russian North. Most often they can be found in the fringes of the forest, in forests bordering on garbage, near water bodies – rivers, lakes, marshes. Also, some individuals can visit villages adjacent to forests, and for winter they can settle in human structures.