Where do flies live ?

Indoor flies live only at home. At the will of them and, truth, it is necessary hardly. They are mercilessly exterminated, both by colds and people, and by birds, day and night, in search of food. Scientists have established that in the wild, most of the houseflies do not live and 3-6 days.

Flies do not pose a mortal danger to humans. Depends on the region where you meet with them. For example, African fly flies are able to carry the immunodeficiency virus from one person to another in their saliva. This is due to the fact that unlike mosquitoes, the fly uses two tubes – one for sucking blood, and another – for injecting saliva. Biting the next object, the fly burps into his wound a small portion of the blood taken from the previous victim. Ask where there are so many HIV infected people in Africa? .. Yes, even from the same chimps, which flies bite at least us.