Where do flounder live ?

Flounder can rightly be referred to a unique type of fish. This fish lives in almost all the seas. In addition to the unusual for the fish flat shape of the body, it has some more features that distinguish it from other fish. When the eggs of the flounder are extracted from the eggs, their eyes are in the usual arrangement, that is, like everyone else, on the right and on the left.

In this period of life it is at a depth and its food is zooplankton. Later the flounder descends to the bottom. That’s when one of her eyes begins to move to the side where the second eye is. At the same time, the fish disappears from the fish, with which it floated. From this moment the flounder lives on the bottom, that is, it leads the bottom way of life.

In addition, its unusualness consists in the way of movement. Moving flounder, lying on its side, from the moment it reached sexual maturity.

The fins of this fish in their movement resemble the wings of the wings of birds, therefore, looking at it, it seems that it is not a fish floating, but the bird is flying. Again, the movement of the body of flounder when moving it, differ from the rest of the fish. Usually, the body of the fish curves from side to side, and in flounder – from the bottom up and vice versa.