Where do foxes sleep ?

Usually foxes sleep in dens. Foxes do not always live in burrows. These dwellings they use only when rearing offspring, and the rest of the time they spend in the open. There are practically no feelings at home for foxes. They settle where they like, and then for a while.

The fox eagerly digs burrows near human dwellings, sometimes foxes wander even into big cities. The fox often does not want to dig a hole on its own and uses other people’s dwellings, for example, a fox very much respects the convenient burrows dug by a badger.

The mother fox acquires burrows not only to grow offspring in them or hide from the long weather. Often burrows serve as a refuge in case of danger.The old fox, as usual, has not one hole, where its brood is placed, but several, which provide it with a safe refuge in exceptional cases.

Fox excretory holes are mainly located on the ravines of the ravine, not far from the stream, in the forest more often, ie, where people do not usually wander. It happens that the fox from year to year returns to the burrow it dug one day.

Then such “apartments” are constantly expanding, renewed, they acquire in addition several “rooms”, which are usually located in the 2 – 3 floors.