Where do frogs live ?

Frogs live almost everywhere except Australia and Antarctica. Their habitat is both rivers and standing ponds, ponds, swamps and even small puddles. However, in the puddles frogs do not stay long and they can only meet in them frogs-travelers, those who have grown up leaving their native pond and embarking on wanderings, crossing fields and ravines. Such frogs can often be found on paths in the forest. The reason for such travel is not clear, but by winter, however, the frogs return to the pond and, having climbed to the very bottom, are dormant. They wake up in the spring and first of all announce it with a loud croak.

The frog can be under water for a long time. Therefore, many people think that it breathes with gills. In fact, frogs have very large lungs. Before diving, the animal gains full lungs of air. Under water, oxygen is very slowly absorbed through the blood arteries, and this helps the frog to stay under water for a long time. As soon as the air reserves run out, the animal quickly emerges and for a while keeps its head above the surface of the water to regain full lungs of air.