Where do geckos live ?

The habitat of gecko lizards is widespread almost all over the world, but most species prefer to live in the subtropical and tropical belts of our planet because they are very thermophilic reptiles and their normal habitat is + 20-30 ° C.

Although some species prefer to live in the territories of mountain ranges and even hot deserts. So, for example, the Madagascar gecko lives near Africa on the fourth largest island in the world of Madagascar, where daytime air temperature throughout the year never falls below + 25 ° C.

Excellent geckos have adapted to live and at home in ordinary apartments. They are quite unpretentious and do not require any specific conditions and expensive equipment for their maintenance. In the simplest version, a terrarium (perhaps a simple aquarium) is desirable with a backlight, the soil (depending on the type of gecko, there may be stones, pebbles, sawdust, moss, etc.), for forest species – plants.

In the global network, a lot of tips and articles with attached videos and photos of geckos of various types, with which it is fairly easy to understand the simple wisdom of keeping reptiles in the apartment. Also written a lot of books and manuals for geckos.