Where do geese live ?

The most traditional wild goose dwelling places are wet meadows, grassy marshes, estuaries and lakes, overgrown with dense thickets of aquatic vegetation, floodplains of rivers.

Goose gray inhabits the Eastern Hemisphere, which is inhabited in the Black Sea region, the Caspian Sea, in the forests of Europe and in the southern part of Siberia. Goose-bean goose nest in the taiga of Eurasia and in the tundra. The Canadian crab takes the North American continent and breeds from the north of the USA to the Arctic. In recent years, acclimatized well in Scandinavia and Great Britain. White-fronted goose is an arctic species, living in the tundra zones of Eurasia and America.

The gus-suhonos inhabits a small area in the eastern part of Asia, where it has chosen both flowing and stagnant water bodies. The goose mountain dwells in the mountain-steppe, steppe and desert landscapes of the Kyrgyz meadows. The Lesser White-fronted Goose is found in the forest-tundra of Russia. Goose white settles mainly along the Arctic coasts. Goose-whitecaps occupies mainly Alaska. The red-breasted gazelle breeds in the eastern part of the tundra of Siberia. Black barracks live in the tundra zone of Eurasia. Cossack Barnacle lives only in the Eastern Hemisphere, nesting in the mountainous tundra from the New Earth to Europe.