Where do gerbils live ?

Before deciding to bring this animal to the house, you need to evaluate its needs, because the mouse gerbil at home life is still experiencing the needs inherent in her in the wild. Since they live in deserts, it is necessary to equip the dwelling so that the pet feels comfortable. To do this you will need:

  • Cell.
  • Wheel for running.
  • A container with sand.
  • Feeding trough.
  • The Drinker.
  • A piece of chalk.
  • Tablet of activated carbon.

The last two are needed in case your pet is experiencing a shortage of minerals in the body. If for some reason you do not want to put the pet in a cage, then the glass aquarium will also work fine, but only with the condition that it will be covered with a latticed lid: this will ensure normal air circulation and will not allow the baby to escape.

During the rodent’s walks, be sure to watch him and try to keep him away from those places that are difficult for you to access: the animal will not miss the opportunity to build a nest there. Another plus of these animals is that even if they manage to escape from you – this will not be a big problem: they are not difficult to catch, as they easily come into contact with people: a distinctive feature of the breed.