Where do gibbons live ?

The habitat extends to areas of South-East Asia. These are tropical and subtropical forests from the north-eastern regions of India to Indonesia. In the north, the range is confined to the southern regions of China. Monkeys also live on the islands of Sumatra, Java and Borneo.

Gibbons – a family of monkeys, numbering 13 species. Among all primates, these animals, perhaps, are most offended by prejudice. At the mention of gibbon, most people immediately imagine a huge, fierce and ugly monkey that does not differ in tact and ingenuity. In fact, gibbons look and behave quite differently.

The size of these monkeys is small, in different species the body weight varies from 4 to 8.5 kg. The trunk of the gibbons is thin, the head is small, with small features that give them a resemblance to monkeys. And indeed, gibbons are close to these monkeys, but at the same time they differ from them by a number of progressive features. For example, they do not have a tail, which brings them closer to anthropoid apes. Like a human, gibbons have 32 teeth, there are II, III, IV blood groups, but there are none. I. Scientists differently define the systematic position of gibbons: some consider them to be the most perfect among non-human monkeys, others consider the most primitive among the anthropoid. Whatever it was, the people of these animals are connected by a close genetic relationship.