Where do goats live ?

The first people who tamed goats were people who lived in Central Asia a few thousand years ago BC. A little later home goats appeared in Europe. Now they are not the main breadwinners of the inhabitants of rural areas. And several centuries ago everything was different. Then the goats were called the “poor man’s cow”. Goats were available in almost every household.

The considerable dignity of goats, which makes them indispensable in the household, is their unpretentiousness. From goats, people get meat, milk, wool, fluff. The goat is found in almost all regions of the world, mostly on the plains, but some wild goats inhabit the steep mountains of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Goats feed mainly on grass, green branches of bushes and trees, grain. Goats are herd animals. In the herd of about 30 goats, there are 1 goat. The goat can jump to a height of 1.50 m.

Goats differ from goats primarily with large body sizes and long, straight or slightly curled horns. Also, in goats, in contrast to goats on the chin, there is a beard. Goats have a body weight of up to 60 kg, goats – up to 40 kg. The male has larger horns than the female. When he is angry, he attacks his enemy, putting forward the mighty horns.