Where do gophers live ?

The main habitats of gophers  are the temperate latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere. It is widespread in the forest-tundra, meadow-steppe, forest-steppe and steppe zones. Characteristic for open landscapes. In the meadow sections of the river valleys, the gopher often goes even in the Arctic, along the steppe – in the deserts and semi-deserts, and even through the mountainous steppes it goes to the mountains, rising 3.5 km above sea level. The suslik dwells in North America and throughout Eurasia. It conducts exclusively a ground-underground way of life.

The gopher lives mostly in burrows, which he digs himself. The duration, ramification and arrangement of such dwellings may differ depending on the species of the gophers, the geographical features of the territories on which they are located. For example, gophers dlinnohvostye equip burrows depth of up to 3 meters and a length of up to 15 meters. They dig them on sandy grounds. On clay soils (heavier) burrows go to the depth of no more than 2 meters at a 5-, 7-meter length. Gophers live in them colonies, arranging store rooms and nesting chambers (the latter are covered with dry vegetation). At the moment of danger, the gophers standing on the watch immediately hide in holes, warning their neighbors with a whistle about the threat.