Where do grasshoppers live ?

Grasshoppers feel great both in the tropical jungle and in the scorching deserts, they live in the tundra zone and in the alpine meadows. You can meet a grasshopper in the bushes and on a wheat field, at the edge of the forest and in steppe grass. These “jumpers” have settled on all continents – from Eurasia to Australia, with the exception of ice Antarctica and too hot deserts. Unlike other long-witted orthopterans, grasshoppers live openly on plants, and do not use burrows in soil or wood.

Grasshoppers – a large family of Orthoptera, which unites 7 thousand species of animals. Grasshoppers are found in all parts of the world, except for Antarctica. Unlike the locusts (locusts), they are nocturnal and feed not on plants, but on small animals (flies, butterflies, caterpillars). In turn, grasshoppers are a delicious and easy prey for many predators, for example for birds: as insects rest in the daytime, it is not difficult to catch them.

To avoid this fate, many types of grasshoppers resort to a tricky trick – they are perfectly camouflaged, taking the form of the leaves of the plants on which they live. Long front wings of such species have a green color and resemble leaves in shape. Some grasshoppers on the wings even have a pattern of dark veins, which gives them even more similarity to the leaf.