Where do guinea live ?

Let us repeat that the ancestors of modern domestic guinea pigs still live in Latin America, where they are widespread almost everywhere. They can be found in swamps, plains, in the rocky mountains. As already mentioned, the domestic guinea pig comes from a wild guinea pig living in South America. The genus Cavia unites several very similar to each other species of small rodents, known in Europe as marine, or guinea pigs, and in their homeland as aparea and gui. The Cavia genus also includes Cavia arerea from Brazil and Paraguay, Cavia tschudii and Cavia cutleri from the Andes valleys, Cavia nana from Bolivia and Cavia fulgida from the Amazon basin.

Wild guinea pigs differ from their domesticated relatives by a more harmonious body and greater mobility.

Painted wild rodents in black, brown, brown or gray. Most species dig burrows, arranging shelters in the form of entire underground towns. Some build land shelters from plants or use natural shelters, such as rock clefts. Animals live in small colonies, each of which occupies its own territory and has a leader – an adult male.