Where do guppies live ?

The homeland of guppy fish is the island of Trinidad and Tobago, and in South America – in Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil. As a rule, they live in clean, running water, but also like brackish coastal waters, but not saline sea water. They feed on worms, larvae, bloodworms and various small insects. Because of this feature, they even began to populate massively in areas where there is a lot of malarial mosquito, as guppies eat up its larvae. Male guppies in nature are much brighter than females, but still their color is far from aquarium selection forms. It should protect them from predators, because the fish is small and defenseless.

Small fish, and males are smaller than females, and as a rule reach a length of about 5 cm. Guppies live 2-3 years, because small size and warm water accelerate metabolism and shorten the life span.

As for the appearance, it is almost impossible to describe. Guppies are so often and many interbreed, that even breeding forms can count dozens, but already ordinary and even more. The male and the female are distinctly different, but we will tell about this difference.