Where do hamsters come from ?

Homeland hamster – Europe and Asia. His little English animal name came from German. The word “hamstern” means “store, accumulate”.The golden hamster reaches 12-15 centimeters in length and weighs more than a hundred grams of grams.

Wild hamsters only do that, they put food on their cheeks and then collect it in underground burrows. Many children have small hamsters and guinea pigs, affectionate, funny rodents, very unpretentious in food.

The cheeks of a hamster can hold a lot of seeds, up to half the weight of the rodent. To release the cheeks, the hamster presses on them with the front paws and blows with all its might. Hamsters have a thick trunk and short limbs. The soft, thick fur of the animal is reddish-gold on the back and grayish-white on the abdomen.

Of all mammals, hamsters most often produce offspring: four to five times a year. Sometimes a hamster immediately gives birth to twelve cubs. A whole month after birth, the mother feeds her babies with milk.

Before you start hamsters, you need to remember: they need a lot of physical exercise, so as not to become obese, otherwise everything can end in paralysis.

So in a cage to a hamster, be sure to put a spinning wheel. If the cage is small and the wheel does not fit in it, then often release the hamster to run around the house and how to warm up.