Where do hamsters live ?

Different species of hamsters live in different localities. About some of them we will tell today in this article. Mostly they live in the foothills, meadows and steppes.

Where dzhungarian hamsters live? They live in Central Asia, southern Siberia, Northeast Kazakhstan. This animal lives in the mountains on stony plains. Its dimensions are small, about 10 centimeters. He arranges burrows in the hollows among the stones. For the winter, his weight increases because the rodent stores the fat that heats it in frosts and gives a reserve of energy. Also, by the winter, he stuffs his pantry with food. Plunging into hibernation, can wake up in order to refresh yourself. A hibernation in hamsters he comes when the temperature drops below 10 degrees.

When frosts come, they understand it. Before you fall asleep, the entrance to your mink is blocked from the inside. But first they do not sleep, they just become less active in anticipation of winter.

The life expectancy of a hamster in the wild is less than in captivity, about 1.5 years. There are various dangers waiting for him: hunger, enemies, diseases, severe weather, etc. In a cage everything is easier, there is an opportunity to live to old age.