Where do hippos live ?

The modern habitat of the hipposĀ has survived only in the south of the Sahara. The bulk of the population of all hippos live in East and South-East Africa, in such countries as Mozambique, Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda and Malawi. The most significant number of hippopotamus in Zambia – 40 thousand individuals. Until 2000, a large number of animals lived in Zimbabwe. But because of the collapse of the economy in the country, its population had to destroy most of the hippo population. In South Africa hippopotamus live only in the National Park. Kruger. All the inhabitants in this reserve are under protection, so there is nothing threatening in the park of the number of hippopotami.

In West Africa hippopotamus is very small, about 7 thousand individuals. The total number of animals is scattered throughout the nineteen countries of this part of the African continent. The largest of them is in Guinea-Bissau and Senegal.

Until 1994, numerous populations of the hippopotamus lived in the Democratic People’s Republic of the Congo, about 30 thousand heads. This was the second country in terms of the number of hippos after Zambia. As a result of the outbreak of military conflict and famine, the population of the country destroyed almost all the hippos. And by 2005, only 900 animals remained from a large herd. For the same reasons, the hippo population declined in Burundi and Rwanda.