Where do honey bees live ?

For beekeeping, great importance is that honey bees have a remarkable feature – the ability to live in natural conditions, and can also be domesticated. They live in a climate with temperate and tropical climates. Science knows about 20,000 about honey bees. Honey bees have the ability to extract, produce and store honey in their hives (liquefied sugar).

In addition to honey, bees also produce wax, which they use to build perennial colonies of nests (honeycombs). To date, there are 7 known species of honey bees that enter the genus Apis and the group of the family Api┼ći. Bee honey is a viscous sweet liquid of light brown color. Bees are social insects living in separate colonies.


Just like other types of honey bees, they live together in colonies, in hives made of wax. Their habitation is usually called a hive, which can be natural (in the hollow of a tree) or made by a man. The habitat of honey bees is almost the entire globe – and in itself this is an amazing fact. These social insects take care of a single bee uterus (which lays eggs), 20,000-75,000 female worker bees (which do not breed), and hundreds of men’s bees are living with them in a beehive – drone grass.


Depending on the season, the time of the year, the number of bees in the colony varies. For example, during the active season (in summer), the number of bees living in one hive can reach 80 000. However, in the cold season, their number will dramatically decrease.