Where do horses live ?

Cimarron – feral horses of South American pampas, leading their origin allegedly from Spanish-thrown horses of Andalusian breed. Currently, the herds of cimarron count to several thousand heads and are found in any part of the pampa, except Paraguay. Homogeneity of the signs of the livestock does not differ, because cimarron take away the domestic horses of local residents.

Mustangs – feral horses of North America, practically exterminated in the XX century. Currently, a small number of animals lives in the US on desert lands and is protected by law.

Brumby – living in the wild nature of the horse of Australia. The population lives on lands free from cattle breeding and arable lands, therefore it is rather insignificant because of a lack of food resources.

Wild horses in small quantities are also found:

On the French island of Camargue;

in Germany;

On the islands Shiashkotan, Shikotan, Kharimkotan;

On Easter Island;

In the Rostov Reserve.

Ponies (chopped horses) live:

On the Sable and Assatig Islands (northern United States);

In the Highlands of Exmoor (Britain).

The natural enemies of the animal are wolves, pumas and other large cat-like (leopards, panthers, etc.), but the main danger for horses is a man hunting wild horses for meat and skins.

For a person, a horse is not dangerous (if not approach it closely, it can kick), although wild herds can cause damage to agriculture.