Where do jackals live ?

The jackal inhabited many regions, it can be found in sultry Africa, and in the deserts of Asia and the Middle East.

He feels well both on the plains and foothills of our country, it is especially easy to live in the Caucasus, but he also does not mind living in India, Romania. This animal lives on the banks of water bodies, overgrown with small bushes and high reeds. In the mountains it can be seen at a decent altitude, about 1 thousand meters above sea level.

For the sake of justice it is worth noting that he enjoys living in plains more. In general, if you list all the regions and continents, then it will take a long time. Outwardly, the jackal is very similar to a coyote or a wolf. The size of a jackal, when compared with these animals, occupies an intermediate value – something in between them.

The animal is slightly correlated – the muzzle is pointed, the legs are long and thin, and the trunk is quite dense. He looks like a lean wolf. Having looked at the photo of an animal you can clearly see that the jackal really strongly resembles a wolf, only very skinny and quite shabby.

The fat tail is constantly lowered down and pulls out almost the ground. On the top of the crown there are two short ears, which are always on their guard. The entire body of the animal is covered with a thick, short coat that feels very tight to the touch. The number of fingers on the lower limbs is different – on the front 5 fingers, and on the hind legs there are only 4. Each finger ends with a claw.