Where do killer whales live ?

The habitat of killer whales is very diverse. They are almost everywhere. But nevertheless they have a favorite place. They are interested in the south-western coast of Alaska. And in general, for them, all the continents and the world ocean entirely. They can inhabit even the tropics, but naturally, in such places they are much smaller. For temperate as well as cold waters, their habitat is more characteristic, because there they live all their prey in the form of seal or fur seal.

They live at very large and serious depths or at the bottom, near the coast. Less often can swim even in the mouth of rivers.

Male killer whales are easily recognized by the dorsal fin up to 170 cm high, which can be seen above the water. The female is smaller, the dorsal fin is not more than 1 meter long and has a sickle-shaped cutout at the back. Males become sexually mature from 8-10 years old, females – 2 years earlier. Information about how the killer whales are mating is not enough. During mating, males are fierce battles for females. Then they perform wedding dances. Childbirth occurs in the spring or early summer. Only one cub appears in the light. Its length is 2,1-2,7 m, and the weight is 180 kg. He is very playful. Often it is thrown over the head from parents who throw them high in the air. Mother feeds the cub for about 1 year. The female is ready for mating no earlier than 3-4 years.