Where do kingfishers live ?

Most species live in the tropics of Africa, Asia and Australia. In Europe there is only one species – an ordinary kingfisher, on the territory of Russia – 5 species. Kingfishers live in the forest area, as well as near the water. The latter hunt for small fishes, diving picket under the water. Frogs and insects also belong to their food. Forest kingfishers eat amphibians. Australian kingfishers are represented by the genus of heavenly kingfishers, which includes 8 species and belong to the subfamily Halcyoninae.

Kingfishers are mostly small, often quite colorful birds. Their main features are the beak and the feet. Beak is usually strong and big. Its form varies and depends on the main prey of one or another species. In kingfishers, eating fish, it is straight and sharp. In the cucumber, it is broader and not so long, adapted more likely to crush prey, mainly small mammals and amphibians.

In species specialized in worms and other animals that live in the ground, the beak has a hook-shaped tip to break ground. The paws of all species of kingfishers are very short, and the front fingers are for the most part coalesced. The size of kingfishers strongly fluctuates. The smallest species of African dwarfish kingfisher (Ispidina lecontei) is only 10 cm and 10 g, while the giant piebald kingfisher (Megaceryle maxima) or laughing kukabara (Dacelo novaeguineae) reach 40 cm and 400 g.