Where do koalas live ?

Australia is the only place on the planet where the koala lives – an unusual marsupial animal, similar to a funny teddy bear. It is impossible to confuse him with another living being, he is so unique.

These marsupials live only in the south-eastern part of Australia and on the neighboring islands. Many years ago they inhabited the entire continent, but with the advent of the settlers were driven out from their ancestral places. Aborigines to this animal are treated with great respect. According to ancient legend, it was the giant ancestor of the koala that helped people get to this continent.

Forests, where the koala lives, are mostly moist tropical and subtropical. Usually, these animals live near water, where a lot of eucalyptus grows. The leaves of this plant are the only food that the koala uses. In the crowns of eucalypts, the marsupial bear spends almost its entire life, descending only to move to other thickets.

The dense gray coat color is short, soft, slightly darker on the back and lighter in the abdominal region. This animal spends all his life on a tree, so he has very strong limbs, adapted to cling to a tree when climbing. This helps and sharp, long claws, which can withstand the weight of the animal. Until now, scientists can not decide who the koala is – a bear, a raccoon or someone else. In zoos where koalas live, there is always a large crowd of people willing to look at these amazing and unusual animals.