Where do komodo dragons live ?

Komodo dragons live on several islands of Indonesia – Komodo (1,700 individuals), Rincha (1,300 individuals), Gili-Motang (100 individuals) and Flores (about 2000 individuals displaced by human activity closer to the coast ), Located in the group of Small Sunda Islands. According to the researchers, Australia should be considered the birthplace of Komodo dragons, where, probably, this species developed, after which it moved to the nearby islands approximately 900 thousand years ago].

These lizards love the warmth, but they do not tolerate the day’s heat. Equally often appear on plains and in forests. In the droughty period, they settle closer to the ponds.

Since the birth of a solitary lifestyle. They do not aspire to meet with each other. They are most active in the early morning, from sunrise, and hours to eleven. When the sun is closer to noon, it begins to shoot mercilessly, the Komodo dragon goes into the shade, waiting for the heat until the evening.

But now begins to grow dark – the temperature is dropping, the sun is approaching the sunset, and this lizard again comes out of its shelters. When it’s completely dark, the komodo dragons walks into its lair, which is a huge hole. Adult individuals can dig themselves a “cave” more than 5 meters in length.