Where do llamas live ?

alpaca herd

In the South American Andes, live the relatives of Asian camels, llamas. And although they do not have humpbacks and they live not in the desert, but on the slopes of mountains, they are distant relatives of all known ruminant animals. Llama, like camels, can spit in an unpleasant person chewed chewing gum, so they should not be angry.

These are very ancient animals, first they lived on the plains of North America more than forty million years ago. Now they can be found only in captivity, and the wild ancestors of lamas and guanacos still live in the Andes.

Lama, this is a mammal, a cloven-hoofed animal. Height of adult in the withers up to 130 centimeters, weight 70 – 80 kilograms. On a small head there are high pointed ears.

On the soles of forked hoofs, there are calloused pads that can move in different directions, due to which, the animal feels confident on the mountainous slopes. They do not have front upper teeth, so they can not bite.

The color of the coat varies from white to black, it is brown, beige, gray and even golden hues. Fur can be monophonic or with spots of different colors.