Where do lynx live ?


Lynx dwell in the forests of Eurasia and North America. Sometimes this beast is found even in the Arctic Circle.

Once the lynx inhabited almost the entire territory of Western and Central Europe. But because of the popularity of the lynx fur in the world market and deforestation, already in the middle of the 20th century the lynx was exterminated in many European countries.

Now the lynx lives in such countries as Sweden, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Georgia, Estonia, Lithuania, Albania, Greece, Azerbaijan, China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia. In some of these countries it was re-populated.

In the American continent, the lynx settled from southern Canada to Mexico. The largest population is in the southeastern United States.

Relatively recently lynxes settled in Kamchatka, around the beginning of the 20th century.

Favorite places of residence of Eurasian lynxes of the taiga, mountain, coniferous and ridiculous forests. Although lynxes are sometimes found in forest-tundra and in other terrain with low-growing vegetation, for example, shrubs or reeds. Most often for living, however, chooses thick forests or thickets of young animals, where it is easy to arrange their lair.