Where do Macaw live ?

The habitat of the macaw is Central and South America. Birds live in wet tropical forests. The size can reach 100 cm, however in the family of 8 species (and 7 more species are considered extinct), among which there are small varieties, from 30 cm in length. Some species of ara are on the verge of extinction and are listed in the Red Book.

Birds have many stunningly bright colors, a long tail and a large, massive, rounded beak, capable of snacking even steel wire. Female and male do not differ in color. The skin around the eyes is almost devoid of feathering, only a few feathers form in this area a certain pattern.

In nature, ara lead a flocking way of life, roam in small groups and, like most parrots, split into pairs during the breeding season. Ara – odnolyuby, this applies to both the choice of partner (couple constant), and attachment to the owner. They feed on grains, fruits (often eat fruits in the gardens), vegetables, nuts. The voice of the birds is loud and sharp, sounds good and speech well. Can pronounce words and phrases.