Where do mice hide in a house ?

Mice hide mainly in “dark” places, where humans and pets can’t find them. The main goal of mice is food. Secondary – in the house where food is, arrange nests and multiply. A smell of food mouse feel for two kilometers! (We will notice, the bear of all is little bit more – for five).

That’s why, if you leave your summer cottage or a sauna closed for the season, take away everything that can attract these animals. Particularly “under the distribution” go frame houses – because of its design. Such a house is being built very quickly, quite budgetably and at the same time it fully meets all the requirements.

But mice in its walls and sex are a real trouble. The invasion of rodents in such a house can begin even at the construction stage, but it is difficult to get rid of such pests. But the most solid solid building made of bricks or blocks, too, rarely escapes the neighborhood with the tailed ones – they like to settle under the floor.

And, if the walls can somehow be protected by metal sheets, then the mouse is more difficult to drive out from under the floor. And with the arrival of cold weather, this beast will find every opportunity to get into the underground.