Where do mice live ?

Mice usually live in a man’s dwelling only in winter, and not the summer period they migrate to burrows in the adjacent territory, continuing raids on stocks of cereals and cereals.

In the house or in the warehouse, the mouse primarily determines the sources of food. Most often, she chooses the most static and rich reserves that will allow her to eat for a long time. These are cans and packages with grains, cereals, breadcrumbs. Especially interesting for mice are cereals. In the absence of such food, the mouse switches to soap, candles, cable braiding in household appliances, wiring, root vegetables, dried vegetables and fruits, nuts, etc. Mice are able to eat almost anything to maintain high-speed metabolism.

In the dwellings of the human mouse reproduce year round and live 2-3 years. The female, bringing an average of 10 litters per year, produces a huge number of mice. By the rate of reproduction, these mammals are among the most productive. This also determines the use of mice in modern scientific research.