Where do millipedes live ?

Millipedes live in places with high humidity, under rocks, in fallen leaves, logs and rotting wood, and sometimes live in burrows in the ground. They are rare in hot and desert regions.

Giant specimens of insects live in Jamaica, the island of Trinidad, in South America, Australia.

In contrast to their shorter tropical congeners, homemade millipedes can spend their entire lives in the house.

Because these millipedes feed on domestic insects, they are considered to be the most useful creatures living in a human dwelling. However, because of their frightening appearance, terrible speed of movement and painful bites, few have a desire to live with them in the same house.

Home millipedes can bite a person, but this happens rarely. The bite is no more painful than the bee’s sting. The worst thing with a millipede bite is moderate pain and swelling at the bite site. Symptoms usually disappear within a few hours.