Where do monarch butterflies live ?


North America has the largest number of these beautiful insects. But because of the migration of butterflies, monarchs can be found even in Africa and Australia, Sweden and Spain. In the 19th century, the appearance of an insect in New Zealand was noted. Butterfly Europe was visited more in Madeira and the Canaries, the butterfly migrated successfully to Russia.

Watching the migration of butterflies, experts noted that in August they leave North America and travel south. The flight is carried out by the colonists, they are also called “clouds”.

If the habitat of the monarch is closer to the north, the migration begins in the springtime. The female in the position migrates with the rest, she does not lay eggs, but keeps them inside herself during the flight, and only settles in a new place, they put it off. In Mexico for butterflies the reserve “Mariposa-Manarka” is created, and it is not the only one where the monarch butterfly lives.

The color of the wings is varied, but the red-brown tones exceed the others, they are saturated and in large quantities. There are patterns, painted with yellow stripes, and the tips of the front pair of wings are indicated by orange spots, the edges of the wings are surrounded by a black canvas. Female butterflies differ from males with darkish and small in size wings.