Where do monkeys live ?

Gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos live in Africa, orangutans live in Asia. All of them are threatened with complete extinction, because a man cuts down the rainforest – the primordial habitat of anthropoid apes.

In the world there are more than four hundred species of primates. The most famous are the anthropoid. In nature there are monkeys with a body length from nine centimeters to one hundred and eighty. Primates predominantly lead a tree life. They are kept in small groups. Maintain daytime activity. They are omnivores. The propensity to herbivore or carnivore depends on the habitat, the type of monkey and the time of year.

Since there are many species of primates and, at times, they are sufficiently far from each other, we will consider the habitats of the families of primates. From zoology, we only recall: within the families, genera are allocated, within the genus – species.

Chain-tailed monkeys are higher primates of small and medium size. All representatives of the Capuchin family have a long tail covered with hair. In some species this part of the body is capable of touch. The front part of the head is short, the nostrils are well separated, the eyes are large with developed eyelids. The scalp of Capuchins is one-color, rather dense.