Where do moths live ?

Moth is an insect that penetrates all corners of the apartment and spoils things, clothes and many other household items. To successfully combat it, you need, first, to determine where in your house a moth has started.

A rare case is a moth in the kitchen. And not even a simple moth, but a grain. She is avid for food – from her, most often, suffer from various cereals, dried fruits, flour. The grain moth lays its larvae in these products. She loves humidity, warmth and starts with poor ventilation. To avoid the appearance of such a pest, store all cereals and dried products in tightly closed jars or well-tied bags.

If the insect has already reached the products, then those that can still be saved, go through and burn in the oven at a temperature of 60-70 degrees. The cupboard in which these products were stored, wash with soapy water, wipe dry, remove cracks with vinegar. Allow it to dry.

Moth is terribly afraid of bright light and fresh air. So you can be sure – those things that you often wear, the moth is not terrible. The same clothes that hang in the closet must be constantly ventilated and moved. Before starting storage, all things must be cleaned or washed. Store coats and coats in special cases, scarves and hats – in plastic bags. In packages and covers necessarily put antimolny drug.