Where do okapi live ?

The main area of okapiĀ is concentrated in the Congo, but the species is also present in some natural reserves of West and East Africa. Okapi is often called a forest giraffe, which indicates its propensity to dwell in a wooded area. The dense tropical forest is the main habitat of the animal.

Okapi is a very unusual animal. In its appearance, it is immediately clear that it is a close relative of the giraffe. But despite this, okapi simultaneously resembles a zebra, a deer and a horse. The length of his body is about 2 m, the mass is 230-240 kg, the height at the withers is 140 cm. Moreover, the males are smaller than females, and also differ from the latter by the presence of two short horns. Stout muscular body, long elastic neck, small head and very Expressive look – some external features okapi.

The wool of animals is short and velvety; in the light, it shimmers beautifully in various shades, from reddish to dark brown. The muzzle of okapi is light, and on the legs – dark, almost black stripes, similar to the stripes of a zebra. Another unusual feature of the okapi structure is the blue tongue, which is incredibly long for the vertebrate. They wash their eyes and eat suitable food, and also easily separates the buds and leaves from the branches.

Okapi has a daily solitary lifestyle. Only during breeding, male and female show interest in each other. The areas of females have clearly delineated boundaries, which is not observed in males. This is a timid and cautious animal, which tries to hide further away in the dense thicket from prying eyes. His voice is quiet, slightly reminiscent of a low mooing, with a slight whistle.